2016, Italy, Color, HD, 50’

Directed by Daniele Bellucci

With Roberto Verrocchi, Samuel Umai, Silvia Quondam, Marco Rea, Philippe Guastella


A terrible outbreak turns people into infected, leading humanity to the edge of extinction. Four survivors, immune to the virus, try to manage the hell in which they are. Wandering at night they find a full lighted up structure in the middle of nowhere. Safeness seems to be right around the corner, but inside the structure not only the infected people undermine the way to their safety.


Left 4 Dead – The Movie is a project born during a conversation with one of my ex business partner. We were trying to test ourselves with something that could challenge our skills, something bigger than the usual low budget short movie. The first idea was a tribute to ’70-’80 zombie movies, but during that period Left4Dead was very popular so we decided to take the chances and shot a L4D inspired movie. Our first reference was Escape from city 17 and two italian fan production: Philanthropy, a fan film set in Metal Gear Solid world, and Dark Resurrection inspired by Star Wars. We chose to adhere to the game as much as possible. We shot the movie as a tribute to the game fans first of all, because we are among them! We struggled a lot against budget problems and we tried to get noticed by Valve without any success but we found a lot of support in different people, many of them in the film industry.


Left 4 Dead – The Movie is an entirely non-profit fan film based on the hit videogame from Valve


Born in 2010, it is not intended for sales of any sort and it is produced by fans for
other Left 4 Dead fans.  The whole project is born thanks to the collaboration of both amateurs and professionals of the audiovisual field.

It is a low budget production, which has become a reference among the online community in these years and has built a community with more than 500.000 fans. This makes Left 4 Dead – The Movie a production followed in 3 continents and in several countries around the world.

We started the project with the idea of creating a 10 minutes long teaser about Left 4 Dead or a CGI intro sequence.

After we announced the project on the web, several people interested in a collaboration offered their help. In this way we found the screenwriter who transformed our initial idea into the actual 50 minutes long movie. We hadn’t means or anything but we decided to go straight on that way.

Three of four main actors we chose at the beginning left the project due to transfers in other cities, during 2012 also part of the technical cast left the project, but the tenacity and the affection showed by fans despite the wait, drove the production to continue. 

After almost three years of problems, during 2014 we finally completed the shooting stage of the movie. 

Very long and complex has been post-production phase (editing, 3D modeling and animation, compositing, color correction, editing and sound mixing, music composition and dubbing).

On September the 10th, 2016 Left 4 Dead – The Movie was finally released for free youtube obtaining, just in the first month, almost 500k views, to exceed 1 million views at the actual date.



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  1. Diego

    I really want to watch this film! I’m a huge fan of Left 4 Dead games and when I learnt there would be a film I was like: “Oh my God! I can’t wait to see it!!”.

    I’m sure you’re making a very good job with it! I’m waiting for it =D Congrats =D

  2. TK

    It take sooo Long an so less News… that sucks..

  3. Chris

    Come on guys! Is this a fake? I want to believe it is not… Good thing take a while. It looks great. Make it real…

  4. Shannon

    when’s it coming out?


      SEPTEMBER 10, 2016!!!!


    I’ve waited for this to come out and the long wait is finally over, MARKING 09-10-16

  6. sebas

    I waited too long for this and now I am so happy thanks you did a very great job I know this is just the beggining !


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